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The Challenge starts April 2, 2018

If you have be wanting to try a no-spend challenge but fearful it will lead to failure then this challenge will be perfect for you!

This five day challenge is the perfect amount of time to dip your feet into the world of "No-Spend". 

Why are no-spend challenges so popular and important? 

Learning to control your spending habits creates extra money that can be used to build savings, lower debt, or fund a new home! Doing a challenge means that you get to be little competitive and have the support of others! 

What are the guidelines for this 5-day no spend? 

  • Only necessary spending (Bills, Gas, One Grocery Trip, Pre-Planned Appointments, and Medical)
  • No eating out (including convenience snacks, coffee stops, or work lunches)
  • No extra stops at the grocery store (make due with what you have)
  • No extra spending on activities (spring has sprung find lots of free events)
  • Track how much money you save in the 5 days

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After you sign up you will get an email with a link to join the Finances in Focus Facebook Group. This is where you will get the support and encouragement you need to stay strong during the 5 days. 

Each morning you will get an email from me sharing a few ways to make the no-spend challenge a little easier. You will also get a prompt to go participate in the FB group. This is such an important part of this challenge. 

One lucky woman that signs up, completes all 5 Facebook Group discussions, and is successful at the no-spend challenge will win a FREE Budget Evaluation!