Homemade Crockpot Applesauce {Bonus Halloween Treat!}

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A year cannot go by without me putting my crock-pot to work making delicious homemade applesauce. The best part of this simple snack is that a little goes a REALLY long way! Today I wanted to share my recipe, process, and a way too cute idea for a harvest treat!

I normally wait to get apples from a local orchard until well into the season. First, the orchards are less crowded and two the prices tend to drop a little at the end of the season.

I checked on prices at some local farms and found the best price on MIX AND MATCH (my favorite) was at Kitchen Orchards only $8.00 for a bushel. I ended up with 53 apples! And as you can see in two different sizes.

The large apples are for applesauce. The smaller apples are for snacking and lunches the perfect size not to waste!

Now on to the fun part making applesauce:

I use a variety of apples when I make my applesauce. There is no right or wrong to it, which I love. I wash, core, and cut up the apples. I find no need to peel the apples at all!

From there I gather a few ingredients to help the applesauce be it's best~

Cinnamon is really an option. Our family says "the more cinnamon the better" so we use a good bit.

Brown Sugar: again is an option but I use 1 Tablespoon for 7-quart crock-pot.

Lemon: when canning most fruit items call for a critic acid. Because I freeze mine it is not necessary but I add one frozen ice cube of lemon juice to a full crock-pot.

The apples before they are cooked! Let me your mouth isn't watering!!

This is what a finished batch looks like.

I cook mine on high for 4 hours or you can cook it overnight on low or around 8-10 hours.

Some people are okay with a chunky sauce so this cooked down is fine.

We like a more smooth sauce.

I use our food processor (but a blender or food mill would work too!) to get it a bit finer.

Then into my recycled spaghetti jars to freeze!  The applesauce is good up to 8 months in a deep freeze (possibly longer but mine has not lasted that long).

Two helpful tools:

I put about 1/2 cup of water in my applesauce. This helps with the processing factor and doesn't let the apples get too dry while cooking.

The top gadget is from The Pampered Chef and is for chopping meat. I love to smash my apples up around midpoint in the crock pot! 


I have to add these adorable harvest treats I made for a harvest party we are attending!

Hallween treat

 Maybe I am tooting my own horn but I think these are downright ridiculously cute! 

We are having harvest party with some close friends so I wanted to make something a little special for and thought homemade would be best.

I bout the condiment cups for Walmart for $2.97 and the stickers are from my planner supplies! Very cheap and healthier than a piece of candy, right!

I hope everyone is enjoying the fall weather! Let me know how your applesauce turns out!

There is nothing better than Homemade Applesauce from the crock-pot made with local orchard apples Here is my recipe!