How to Simply Cook Dried Beans

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Cooking and freezing dried beans

Today I am answering a reader's questions! I mentioned that I cooked my own beans and she wanted to know how.

To be completely honest dried beans used to scare me! I thought the only thing they were good for was bingo markers and sensory tables.

After researching the proper way to cook dried beans I tried it and it was a flop. Some were still hard and others were burnt. So I stuck with my canned versions.

One day I decided to get out my trusty crockpot and try it out. Guys it worked and in under 5 minutes of prep you can save yourself around 50% of the cost of canned beans

This Video is a quick tutorial on how to cook and FREEZE dried beans so you can toss them in all your recipes~

I hope you all give this a shot! If you like refried beans do this same process with pinto beans add some onion and you will LOVE the outcome!

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